From Good to Great
Chief Editor

Having analyzed the Ukrainian legal market since 2003, we can observe far more confidence among law leaders now and incredible efforts being made to be on the same page as clients. Law firms report busy times and a return to recruitment mode. The years 2017-2018 are noted for the search for legal talent, and careful equipping of mid-level legal teams.

Ukraine is completely following three global trends. There is the growing role of in-house counsels, accompanied with the overall expansion in their capacity and functionality. Clients demand more value for their money, while law firms are evolving from trusted advisors into business partners. The response to these realities requires law leaders to pursue their identity, competitive edge and analyze the strengths of competitors.

Throughout the period of our research we have received a great deal of constructive feedback. The most important piece of feedback is that Ukrainian Law Firms. A Handbook for Foreign Clients is well perceived by clients and enlightens them with valuable insights for time efficient decision-making. Another exceptionally important function of this Handbook is its ability to motivate lawyers and their teams to move forward. And the strategic mission for the production team is to extend room for consideration where areas for opportunities and growth exist.

Over the past 16 years ULF has evolved from a good manual to comprehensive research and a great provider of market intelligence. Section-wise the publication is designed to inform on all sides of important developments. Ukrainian Legal Market gives an overview of the recent situation, deals round-up, new entrants, appointments and migrations, outlook for coming years. Legal practitioners express their vision of regulations and recent developments in the Practice Areas and Industries Review.
The editorial section Who is Who in Ukrainian Law is our editorial vision of the balance of market power supported by a strong analytical survey.

The ULF team is very grateful to its respondents and everyone who assisted us in this research. We also encourage you to read the Handbook on-line:, and to contribute your news and announcements.