Ante Law Firm

Address: 45-A, Nyzhnyoyurkivska Street

Kyiv, 04080, Ukraine

Tel.: +380 44 277 2300



Facebook: antelawua

Ante is a “full-service” law firm, focusing primarily on dispute resolution, government relations and white-collar crime. Our main clients work in aviation and pharmaceuticals.

We solve complicated problems, which arise while conducting business in Ukraine. We also help our clients to set up new processes and manage their day-to-day operations so that companies can be confident in their decisions.

We are a team of result-oriented and sincere lawyers, who acts in the client’s best interests. Our recommendations are simple and practical, taking into account an understanding of our client’s industry and business processes. The documents are always drafted carefully and with regard to developed strategies and tactics, which correspond to the interests of our clients.

We elaborate strategies and handle cases so that our clients are ready for any challenges “ante factum” – before they occur. And if some problems do arise, “ante bellum” (before the conflict) preparation and our experience help to resolve them in the best manner. Our logo contains the silhouette of a horse on the shield and refers to protection by “a knight’s move” – an unusual way of thinking and jumping over standards.

We build mutually beneficial long-term relationships with our partners and we are proud to have served our clients for years. We strive for excellence to exceed expectations.

Due to the experience gained from a big number of public cases, we have built good relations with business and industry media. This enables us to use public opinion to support our clients.

Our clients include Avialiga, Austrian, British Airways, DFU Agro, Emirates, Lufthansa, Omega Pharma, Sanofi-Aventis Ukraine, Style Avia, Technomedex group, Qatar Airways, Zdravo.

The managing partner of Ante Law Firm is Mr. Andriy Guck, attorney-at-law.


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