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Jurvneshservice was formed in 1987 and since that time has advised leading Ukrainian and foreign corporations on legal issues of the contemporary Ukrainian market. Jurvneshservice attorneys have cultivated the culture, commercial pragmatism and technical and interpersonal skills required to deliver services of international standard tailored for the preferences of world-class clients. Jurvneshservice attorneys have received numerous awards over the years of practice and authored a great number of publications.

Jurvneshservice cooperates with such leading law publishers as Kluwer Law International, which published Anna and Gennadii Tsirat’s monograph Civil Procedure in Ukraine (2012) and Intellectual Property Law in Ukraine (2011). As an expert in cross-border litigation Gennadii Tsirat published some monographs: International Civil Process: Current State and Perspectives of International Unification (2013), International Commercial Arbitration (2002) and International Arbitration as a Means of Disputes Settlement (1997).

Anna Tsirat, a leading expert in franchising in Ukraine, published the Guide on Draft of Franchise Agreements (2010) and Franchise and Franchising Agreement (2002). Her studies in the aircraft finance are reflected in the monograph International Private Air Law (2018). Anna Tsirat is the author of numerous chapters on Ukraine that are updated annually, including The Official Guide to Aircraft Registration and Tax; World Aircraft Repossession Index; Aircraft Financing; Aircraft Liens and Detention Rights; International Agency and Distribution Law; Getting the Deal ThroughAir Transport, Franchise in 28 jurisdictions worldwide, License in 28 jurisdictions worldwide (these are the sections of Getting the Deal Through), The Aviation Law Review; International Joint Ventures; International Secured Transactions; International Franchising, etc.

Jurvneshservice attorneys work with clients, other law firms, advisers and each other as one team, addressing the needs of clients more efficiently. Jurvneshservice clients keep coming back because Jurvneshservice understands the clients’ businesses and is committed to finding practical ways to help them grow and succeed.

Jurvneshservice’s main practices are aircraft finance, anti-corruption, bankruptcy, corporate disputes, criminal law, cross-border litigation and debt recovery, enforcement of foreign arbitral awards and judgments, intellectual property, including franchising protection, international arbitration, project finance, white-collar crimes, and unfair competition.

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